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  • Rotoscoping

    20. Sep 2019 by

    The task: Task background: This intensive project will be a chance for you to really study and observe genuine facial expressions under pressure. It will be quite tiring, but the more you put into the project, the more you will pick up to apply to your 3D and future work. Rotoscoping is harder than it… Read more

  • Test room

    27. Aug 2019 by

    This is my first room made with Maya 2019. It is a work in progress, but I’m learning something new to do each day, and it’s fun to get back to after the 3D-courses I attend!

  • Introuduction to 3D

    22. Aug 2019 by

    Task: Create an abstract Mickey Mouse by simple geometric shapes. You need to use minimum 5 Primitive Objects available in Maya.  Apply a material which suits to the character.

  • Animation I like

    22. Aug 2019 by

    As my first task in the course Animation 1 I will provide a list over movies and games that contain animation and after effects that I find interesting and good-looking. Animation list: All the Studio Ghibli movies The Witcher 3 The Legend of Zelda series

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